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The Exhibition

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Allow us to introduce you an amazing and unique exhibition about a man of genius, Napoleon Bonaparte. After more than half a million visitors have visited the exhibition in San Paolo (Brazil), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Melbourne (Australia) arrives for the first time in Europe the exhibition about the man who changed the lives of millions of people.  Embark in an incredible journey trough the life of a man that was shaped into one of the most important personalities of history by his actions, our goal is to provide a balanced insight into his life.  With the invaluable help and collaboration of the Fondation de Napoleon, which this exhibition would not be possible, we have gathered an exceptional collection of original and personal objects, from Napoleon.  These original objects represent his personal life, but also listed are objects that represent his actions like the civil code for example.  We have created a journey of the 5 process of consecration of Napoleon, or as we called the 5 faces of triumph including the exile.

-  The Soldier

-  The General

-  The Consul

-  The Emperor

-  The Exile

Throughout this journey that we present you our intention is to immerse the audience into the times of our story, we achieve that by creating direct experience through an immersive and multisensory installation, sounds, images that generate emotions and feelings to make an unique experience to every visitor.  Our installation will not only contain the latest high tech sensorial hardware but the importance of original objects that define Napoleon character and personality.  The audience will have the rare opportunity to view this incredible collection that will contribute to the reconstruction of places and events, battles, original documents that will place a story behind these objects.  Napoleon “J’Arrive” tells an astonishing journey across his life, from the ascent to the power with unknown stories and anecdotes, to the triumphs and to the final exile that marked the birth of a legend.  

Udine 2016

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